Ski & Snowboard Levels of Ability

Ski Level Descriptions

Level 1 -Ski

Level 1- Beginner to Gliding Wedge

  • I have never skied before.
  • I can stand, walk, climb, and glide.
  • I can do a gliding wedge, slow down, and stop.
  • I can do slight turns.

Level 2 -Ski

Level 2 (Wedge Turns)

  • I am familiar with the chair lift.
  • I can make controlled linked wedge turns to the bottom.
  • I can control linked wedge turns and make spontaneous wide and narrow turns.
  • I can make spontaneous turns and come to a complete stop by turning in either direction.

Level 3 -Ski

Level 3 (Wedge Christie) -Ski

  • I have begun working on reducing the size of my wedge turns.
  • I can start all my turns in a wedge and bring my skis to a match at the end of each turn.

Level 4 -Ski

Level 4 (Advanced Wedge Christie) -Ski

  • I have begun working on advanced wedge christie (bringing my skis together early in the turn).
  • I can wedge my skis slightly at the beginning of each turn, but bring them together very early in my turn.
  • I can ski moderately and I am beginning to use my inside pole as a timing steady device.

Level 5 -Ski

Level 5 (Open Parallel) -SKI

  • I have begun to work on keeping my skis parallel without a wedge.
  • I can change the edges of my skis at the same time without a wedge.
  • I can use a pole touch to time and steady my turns.

Level 6 -Ski

Level 6 (Dynamic Parallel) -SKI

  • I can use my whole body towards the new turn to change directions.
  • I can swing and touch my pole to the snow to start each turn.
  • I am linking parallel turns continuously.

Snowboard Levels Description


Level 1 Snowboard


  • Never been on snowboard before
  • Can stand, skate, glide, and climb
  • Can sidestep toeside and heelside
  • Can traverse to a stop


  • Can ride the chairlift
  • Can read the fall line
  • Can do garland turns
  • Can vary my garland turn shape

Level 3 -Snowboard

  • Can link skidded toeside to heelside turns
  • Can control my speed with turn shape
  • Can absorb uneven terrain
  • Can make turns on Green terrain


  • Can link skidded turns in varied terrain
  • Can comfortably ride all Green runs and easy Blue runs


  • Can use turn shape for speed control, reduction, maintenance, and generation
  • Can ride switch on Green trails
  • Can ride comfortably on all Blue runs in varied conditions
  • Comfortable on most Black terrain


Able to handle anything the mountain can throw at them

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Masks Required
Masks are not required at this time. Subject to change
How early should I arrive?
  • Allow ample time to get dressed and with all equipment and ready for lesson at its scheduled time
  • If renting equipment we recommend arriving 60 minutes before scheduled lesson time.
  • Lessons start promptly at scheduled lesson time. If you arrive after scheduled lesson time and your group has headed on to the hill it may be difficult to catch up to them and you will run the risk of missing your lesson.
Multi-Week Lesson Programs

Registration deadline Is Dec 15 for all multi-week programs starting in January. Any changes to scheduling, rental information, or other modifications to existing registration must be completed by Dec 26. Attempts to change any registration data after this time will likely result in significant wait or may not be possible.

What level is my skier & snowboarder?

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Where do the classes meet?
  • If renting please proceed to the rental shop to retrieve your pre set up reserved equipment at least 60 minutes before scheduled lesson time.
  • Classes meet in our Ski and Snowboard School Learning Area.
Multi Week Lesson Programs
  • Snowboard classes meet at Orange Cones with numbers that correspond to their assigned group number.
  • Group numbers are based on the ability level  that each group is being taught to.
  •  Ski classes meet at Yellow Cones with numbers that correspond to their assigned group number.
  • Group numbers are based on the ability level  that each group is being taught to
  • Our staff will be on hand to help direct you to the appropriate group.
Tickets For Group Programs

Lost Valley Junior Program participants (independent of organized outside community groups)

  • distributed to multi week program students by their instructors for Junior Program participants at the start of the first lesson. One ticket will be issued and will be dated for all sessions. Please retain the same ticket for each visit. If you wish to have the ability to switch the ticket to another jacket we suggest using a clip or small carabiner so that you can re attach it to the clothing of your choice during subsequent visits.
  • Organized School Groups, Recreation Department Groups , Community Ski and Snowboard Clubs
    Group organizers will be responsible for picking up tickets for the entire group on the first day . Tickets will not be distributed by Lost Valley Staff to individual participants of these organized groups
    Tickets must be distributed by designated group leader of School , Rec Department , or Club organizer at a location of their choosing. One ticket will be issued and will be dated for all sessions. Participants must retain the same ticket for each visit. If you wish to have the ability to switch the ticket to another jacket we suggest using a clip or small carabiner so that you can re-attach it to the clothing of your choice during subsequent visits.
    Rec Group leaders should communicate to their participants as to how to find and identify them. We suggest a sign or banner of some sort sign. Pop-ups are welcome. Group leaders may call to arrange advance ticket pickup.
Daily Private, Semi Private And Single day group lessons
  • Meet instructors outdoors in ski school learning area
  • Signage identifying Private 1 hr Ski/Snowboard and 2hr Learn To Ski/Snowboard will be there to help find your instructor. Your instructor will check you in and provide your lift ticket
What kind of clothing should I wear?

Layers. Layers of appropriate winter outerwear, waterproof gloves, no loose articles of clothing, and goggles are recommended.


Should my child ski or snowboard?

This depends on your child’s interest. It doesn’t matter which sport your child learns first.
If you child expresses an interest in one over the other, go with that.


Can I switch to skiing from snowboarding and vice versa?

Please be sure that you are selecting the correct lesson type and ability level as this is the group that your student will be with for the duration of our lesson program.


How are children placed in classes?

We ask that you review the Skiing and Snowboarding Ability Level Descriptions  register your child accordingly.


May I place friends together in the same lessons?

you are welcome to make requests for this and we will do our best but can not guarantee. Lessons are grouped by ability level and in the order in which they are received. If a group of a particular ability level is full before a registration comes in, that registered student will be placed in the next available group of the same ability level

Where do I meet my child at the end of class?

Students are released at the bottom of the trail that class ended on. Please arrange a meeting place with your child before the lesson begins. Lessons may begin and end on different slopes. Stress to your children where you will be when their lesson is completed.

Can Parents or others watch the lesson?

Yes, but you must stand at the bottom of hill and out of the way of skiers / snowboarders on the hill.

How early should I arrive?

At least one hour early.

When should I have my rental equipment fitted?

Multi -Week Lesson Programs

  • This year we are returning to In-Person rental fittings to improve accuracy.
  • Rental sizing must be made prior to Jan 1 so that we can have your equipment ready when you arrive. Please do not wait until the day of the lesson as this will cause significant delays and may result in lost lesson time.
  • Where?
    At Lost Valley Rental shop during all hours of operation
  • If participating with a rec department or school group, contact the group organizer at your school or rec department for group fitting times and location. They may or may not have scheduled one.
  • Equipment will be set up in advance for guests to pick up. See rental procedures
    ( please note that all rentals are for scheduled day of visit only as part of a weekly program, and must be returned after each session. This is not a seasonal rental. Rentals may not be taken home)
  • Single Day Lessons (Private Lessons, Semi Private Lessons, Learn to Ski or Snowboard , Mommy or Daddy and Me Lessons
    Sizing taken with Rental Reservation
Do I need to wear a helmet?
  • This decision is at the parents’ discretion. Lost Valley does not require that a helmet is worn, however helmets are available as part of our standard rental package
Will classes be held in the snow, rain, or cold weather?
  • Lessons are often held in inclement weather conditions.
  • If the weather is questionable, do not call or email, but rather refer to to check the status of your lesson. This page will be updated in the event of any cancellations.
What if a class is postponed by Lost Valley?

What if a class is postponed by Lost Valley?

  • Classes, if postponed by Lost Valley, will be made up at the end of the program.
  • If you or your group elects not to come on a day when Lost Valley is open and lessons are running, there will be no make up day.
What if my child is sick and can’t attend class?
  • Single Day lessons can be rescheduled if cancellation is made at least 2 hrs in advance of the scheduled lesson time;.
  • Organized Multiweek Classes cannot be made up due to illness or schedule conflicts.
  • Our lessons follow a progression and it will be important to attend all session possible. If classes are missed it may be necessary to schedule a make up private lesson before the next session in order to keep up with the group. 
What if my child gets hurt or doesn’t want to attend class anymore? Can I get a refund?
  • We will issue refunds in the case of an injury or illness with a doctors note only. If your child does not want to attend classes, we may offer partial credit for the unattended portion of the lesson program. This credit may be used for any other purchases at Lost Valley
What is your policy if CDC COVID guidelines call for cancelling or postponing the program?
  • If CDC guidelines require cancelling a program the plan is to extend the program into a potential reopen if possible this season, or extend credit of unused portion towards use next season