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Ski and Snowboard Levels of Ability










Level 1 (Gliding Wedge)

I have never skied before.

I can stand, walk, climb, and glide.

I can do a gliding wedge, slow down, and stop.

I can do slight turns.

I am familiar with the chair lift.

Level 2 (Wedge Turns)

I can make controlled linked wedge turns to the bottom.

I can control linked wedge turns and make spontaneous wide and narrow turns.

I can make spontaneous turns and come to a complete stop by turning in either direction.

Level 3 (Wedge Christie)

I have begun working on reducing the size of my wedge turns.

I can start all my turns in a wedge and bring my skis to a match at the end of each turn.

Level 4 (Advanced Wedge Christie)

I have begun working on advanced wedge christie (bringing my skis together early in the turn).

I can wedge my skis slightly at the beginning of each turn, but bring them together very early in my turn.

I can ski moderately and I am beginning to use my inside pole as a timing steady device.

Level 5 (Open Parallel)

I have begun to work on keeping my skis parallel without a wedge.

I can change the edges of my skis at the same time without a wedge.

I can use a pole touch to time and steady my turns.

Level 6 (Dynamic Parallel)

I can use my whole body towards the new turn to change directions.

I can swing and touch my pole to the snow to start each turn.

I am linking parallel turns continuously.


Level 1

Never been on snowboard before

Can stand, skate, glide, and climb

Can sidestep toeside and heelside

Can traverse to a stop

Level 2

Can ride the chairlift

Can read the fall line

Can do garland turns

Can vary my garland turn shape

Level 3

Can link skidded toeside to heelside turns

Can control my speed with turn shape

Can absorb uneven terrain

Can make turns on Green terrain

Level 4

Can link skidded turns in varied terrain

Can comfortably ride all Green runs and easy Blue runs

Level 5

Can use turn shape for speed control, reduction, maintenance, and generation

Can ride switch on Green trails

Can ride comfortably on all Blue runs in varied conditions

Comfortable on most Black terrain

Level 6

Able to handle anything the mountain can throw at them