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Adjustments, Waxing & Tuning

Rental Shop Services

Full Tune $30

Wax Only $20

Binding Adjustment $30

Custom Repairs $60/hr

We do not accept advance appointments for adjustments, waxing and tuning.  Normally if you drop off pre-season we can turn it around within 24 hours or so.  During regular season, drop off during regular hours and we may be able to address immediately or if the rental shop is busy they can advise you as to how long it will take to complete your service.  Thanks so much!

Please Note: We cannot mount bindings on skis.  For binding mounting services please contact your local ski shop.  Lewiston-Auburn Area Shops that mount bindings:

Al’s Sports Center Lisbon St Lewiston  (207) 784-7591

Skier’s Edge Washington St Auburn (207) 784-2209