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Ski Well Be Well Covid-19 Ski School Precautions:

The following precautions have been put in place to help us reduce contact, and safely distance inside the lodge and and outdoors while in lessons
    • If a student or any member of a student’s household has had a fever, experienced any of the signs of Covid 19 infection or has been in contact with anyone who has tested positive for Covid 19 please stay home for 14 days or until receiving a negative test result.
    • All lessons must be pre registered online in advance . no walk-ins.
    • Please allow least 30 minutes before scheduled lesson time to allow time for check in and rental pickup
    • All lessons start at their scheduled time. Late arrivals may miss their lesson and not be able to join in if the group has headed up the lift.
    •  Limited number of guests in the ski school room
    • Rental sizing information will be taken with online registration to help us reduce contact and increase efficiency.
    • Equipment will  be set up in advance for guests to pick up. See rental procedures
    • Lessons will meet outdoors. Staff will be on hand to help guests find their groups and instructors.
    • Masks on at all times while in lessons
    • Parental ( or approved guardian) assistance with lift for kids under 7 required. Parents or guardians must be on skis or snowboard and experienced with chair lift. we will provide complimentary ticket to parents helping their children under age 7 ride the lift
    • Please visit the National Ski Areas Association’s Ski Well Be Well Page

Frequently Asked Questions

Multi-Week Lesson Programs

How early should I arrive?

  • Allow ample time to get dressed and with all equipment and ready for lesson at its scheduled time
    • If renting equipment we recommend arriving 30 minutes before scheduled lesson time.
  • Lessons start promptly at scheduled lesson time. If you arrive after scheduled lesson time and your group has headed on to the hill it may be difficult to catch up to them and you will run the risk of missing your lesson.

What level is my skier & snowboarder?

->Check out our skier & snowboarder ability sheet to determine your level of ability <-

Where do the classes meet?

  • Classes meet in our Ski and Snowboard School Learning Area.
    •  Snowboard classes meet at Orange Cones with numbers that correspond to thier assigned group number.
      • Group numbers are based on the ability level  that each group is being taught to.
    •  Ski classes meet at Yellow Cones with numbers that correspond to thier assigned group number.
      • Group numbers are based on the ability level  that each group is being taught to

What kind of clothing should I wear?

  • Layers. Layers of appropriate winter outerwear, waterproof gloves, no loose articles of clothing, and goggles are recommended.

Should my child ski or snowboard?

  • This depends on your child’s interest. It doesn’t matter which sport your child learns first.
  • If you child expresses an interest in one over the other, go with that.

Can I switch to skiing from snowboarding and vice versa?

    • As a Covid-19 safety precaution we will require students in group lessons to stay with the same group for the entire series of lessons to allow us to contact trace and reduce social interaction
    • Please be sure that you are selecting the correct lesson type and ability level as this is the group that your student will be with for the duration of our lesson program.

How are children placed in classes?

  • We ask that you review the Skiing and Snowboarding Ability Level Descriptions  register your child accordingly.
  • For Covid 19 complience it will be important that all students remain in their originally assigned groups. For this reason it will be important that Ability Level be accurate at registration. Once students are sorted by ability and placed in groups they will remain in the same group for the duration of the multi-session program .

Where do I meet my child at the end of class?

  • Students are released at the bottom of the trail that class ended on. Please arrange a meeting place with your child before the lesson begins. Lessons may begin and end on different slopes. Stress to your children where you will be when their lesson is completed.

Can I watch the lesson?

  • Yes, but you must stand at the bottom of hill and out of the way of skiers / snowboarders on the hill.

How early should I arrive?

  • At least a half hour early.

When should I have my rental equipment fitted?

  • Rental sizing information will be take with online registration to increase efficiency and reduce contact.
  • Equipment will  be set up in advance for guests to pick up. See rental procedures
  • ( please note that all rentals are for day of visit only and must be returned after each session. Rentals may not be taken home)


Do I need to wear a helmet?

  • This decision is at the parents’ discretion. Lost Valley does not require that a helmet is worn, however helmets are available to rent.

Will classes be held in the snow, rain, or cold weather?

  • Lessons are often held in inclement weather conditions.
  • If the weather is questionable, please check lostvalleyski.com/cancellations.html  to check the status of your lesson.
  • What if a class is postponed by Lost Valley?
  • Classes, if postponed by Lost Valley, will be made up at the end of the program.
  • If you or your group elects not to come on a day when Lost Valley is open and lessons are running, there will be no make up day.

What if my child is sick and can’t attend class?

  • Classes cannot be made up due to illness or schedule conflicts.
  • Because it is important to maintain group structure as a Covid 19 Precaution, we can no longer add a child to an alternate time slot for a make up visit.

What if my child gets hurt or doesn’t want to attend class anymore? Can I get a refund?

  • We will issue refunds in the case of an injury or illness with a doctors note only.  If your child does not want to attend classes, we may offer partial credit for the unattended portion of the lesson program. This credit may be used for any other purchases at Lost Valley



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