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All Applicants have been sent an invitation to join our Instructor Communication channel on SLACK. This will be a very helpful and important way to stay on top of things going on in Ski and Snowboard School throughout the season as well communicate with fellow staff members

Some email addresses have bounced back and you may not have received the invitation

All emails from any address bounce from this invitation. If you have one of these email addresses please supply us with an alternative. It appears that many school systems filter out emails and bounce out when sent from SLACK and our Payroll System

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  1. Register for our Instructor Training Course if you have not already done soGenerated button
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    Generated button and Generated buttonbe sure to follow instructions in training schedule and attend all sessions
  3. Day 1 Via Zoom Nov 14   . If you missed this, Log in and view the Nov 14 Instructor Orientation on Zoom
    Access Passcode: LV_20
  4. Day 2 Via ZOOM ( Saturday, Dec 5, 9am-11-am)   If you missed this Log in and view the recording
    Topic: Instructor Training Orientation Part 2
    Start Time : Dec 5, 2020 07:52 AMMeeting Recording:  Access Passcode: 8*wXL^u8
  1. To View The Slideshow Presentation at your own pace Click Here
  2. Let us know the hours that you will be available to work by filling out the following two forms if you have not already done so
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  6. All employees under age 16 will need to obtain a workers permit from their principal’s office or superintendent of schools prior to working.
  7. Last but definitely not least….. THINK SNOW

As agreement with the State on Ski area operations, the Maine ski areas have collectively agreed to the following requirements for this winter’s operation. Going forward at the start of the ski season, the below rules will apply until we get further guidance from the State. The hope is that these requirements go away prior to the close of the season. All of these efforts will help to keep our customers safe and equally as important, our fellow employees.

1st – Covid 19 Training
LV will provide Covid 19 training to all employees. Ski Maine in association CMCC have developed a training program to meet this requirement. We here at Lost Valley will adopt that program and require all employees to accomplish it. This training is an online course and takes roughly a half hour to complete. Everyone that is currently employed, needs to have this completed by December 1st. All new and seasonal employees will have to complete it with in the first week of employment with us. Again, this is an online course and can be completed here or at home. If employees choose to do it at home on their own time, LV will add a 1/2 hour on to their next pay period when they provide the completion certificate.

a.           Here is a link to the course.
b.           The password is: CMCC1

There are 4 Modules to the training that must be completed prior to taking the test at the end. If you score 80% or better on the test, the site will ask for your information which to fill out the completion certificate. Once you submit that information, its takes about 24 hours for the certificate to be emailed to you.2nd -Employee Health Checks
We will require that all employees accomplish self assessment health checks prior to the start of their shift. The plan right now is to have all employees report to the ticket window, where another employee will review the health assessment, take the employee’s temperature record the results.   We will have alternate plans for employees that arrive prior to the opening of the ticket window or after its closing. The health assessment is 3 standard questions about your current health and can be completed on your cell phone prior start of the shift. If a cell phone is not an option, the Checker will ask you the standard questions. If you complete it on your Phone a Green Check Mark is predominately displayed on your screen that you will show to the checker and avoid answering questions. Please try this link about below so that you become familiar with the processHere is the link for the Online Health Assessment:
Employees answer the three questions – NO – (highlighted in green) and they will get a Green check mark showing they are OK to work that day. If they get a RED stop sign, they have not answered properly and are not OK to work that day. (They can click the Restart Questionnaire at the bottom if they made a mistake.)

3rd – Face Coverings
Face covings will be required to be worn at all times by all employees that interface with the public or work in close proximity to other employees during a shift.  Face coverings are a condition of employment and there is no wiggle room. If you can’t wear a mask, you can’t work here. There will be circumstances where Face Coverings won’t be needed, but they are few and far between. For instance, a Groomer Operator alone in the cab of the Cat, Snowmaker working solo in the night, etc…

4th – sanitization
Employees will regularly wash or sanitize their hands regardless of the position that is held. It understood that employees will not always have the availability of a hand wash station or sanitizer, but when they have the opportunity to do so, they will. If they go on break, visit the rest rooms, between each SS Training sessions, etc…If an employee works in a shared workspace, they will sanitize their work are area at the beginning and end of every shift. Sanitizing the work area is wiping down all of the common touch points in your space such as keyboards, POS screens, tools, controls, door handles and more. Examples of shared workspaces are cashier stations, ticket booth, Groomers, Lift shacks and grab n go area, Rentals, Ski School, patrol sheds, office and the retail space.

 5th – Social Distancing
Employees will practice Social Distancing from customers and fellow employees at all times whenever possible.