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Running Club at Lost Valley

Presented by Lamey Wellehan

2021 Trails in the Valley Running Club

Running+Trails + Food + Drinks.
FREE GROUP TRAIL RUN every Friday (except 5/21 & July 2nd) starting May 7th at 6:00 pm Grab your trail shoes and meet up for a fun, weekly, running club on the Lost Valley Trails presented by Lamey Wellehan – Mainer’s Shoe Store Since 1914.
Runners meet near the Lost Valley patio area before hitting the trails. 3 trail routes of Beginner (green circle) +/-2 miles or +/- 3 miles intermediate (blue square) and advanced (black diamond) are well maintained and marked for runners to follow.
Join us, after your run, at our brewpub featuring Lost Valley Brewing Co beers and other favorite beverages, food, live music, and family-friendly fun.
– Pants or high socks are recommended.
– Trails shoes are recommended.
– Bug spray is highly recommended.
– Most participants bring a spare pair of socks/shoes or sandals in case their feet get wet, but also in order to change them immediately after and do a tick check