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Job Description

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Instructor Training Course Schedule

Orientation Day


Saturday Nov 17, 2018

  • 8:30 am . Pre-Registration Required

  • Meeting will start promptly at 9am and end at 1pm

The meeting will consist of talks, demonstrations, and videos of the American Teaching System (A.T.S) Course conductors will be on hand to discuss procedures, class handling, training preparation and general information.  Some time will be dedicated to administrative procedures for potential hiring of new and returning Ski and Snowboard School candidates.


 Follow Up Schedule (subject to change due to weather and situations beyond our control. Please be sure to join our email list by sending a message with the Subject “join” to in order to receive up to date information)

Sun Dec 2

  • 8am-3pm at Sugarloaf (to be determined)

Sat Dec 15

  • 8am - 3pm at Lost Valley

Sun Dec 16

  • 8am-3pm at Lost Valley

Fri Dec, 21- Mon Dec 31

  • First-Year Candidates must observe and assist with a minimum of one 2 hour Learn to Ski lesson in progress

    10am-12pm or 1pm-3pm daily (except Dec 25)

  • First Year Candidates must observe and assist with a minimum of one 1-hr private lesson in progress

avail each hour from 10am-3pm daily (except Dec 25)




Weekend  and Holiday Availability

Any instructor wishing to recieve a complimentary lift ticket on a weekend or a holiday/vacation week must sign up for availablility on that day by following the link below. You must also arrive at lost valley no later than 9:45 to recieve a complentary ticket on that date. If no availability is listed on a day that you wish to come to Lost Valley, or you are not here by 9:45 no complimetary ticket will be provided. 

Please Click Here to fill out the times that you will be at Lost Valley over the coming weekend. This link refreshes weekly and it will be important that you come back to update it before each weekend. 

Line Up

on weekends an holidays line up will be in Ski and Snowboard School Meeting room 15 minutes before the top of each hour from 10am -3pm

*Please Note: Listing availability means that you WILL BE HERE and at LINE UP in Ski and Snowboard School Room  15 minutes before the top of each hour so that we may assign lessons to you.

  • If a lesson is assigned the 15 minutes of line up time will be included in your pay
  • If no lesson is assigned you will be paid for 15 minutes of line up time and you may be excused until the next line up
  • Failure to appear at line up may result in the loss of ticket privilege
Important Dates. Instructor Training Starts Dec 1








Instructor Jackets

Download the Instructor Jacket Order Form. Return complete with deposit to Lost Valley. Apprentices (under 15 yrs of age) will not be in uniform and should not reserve a jacket

Click Here



New This Year! Test your knowledge.

Take the PSIA/AASI New Instructors Exam Here




Program Availability Please Fill This Out Before 12/10/2018 

VERY IMPORTANT!!!  It will be assumed that ANYONE who has not filled out this form by 12/10 has elected not to be part of our staff for this season. If no availability is listed, you will be removed from our roster of intructors, and not employed by Lost Valley



Join our Facebook chat group

  • go to  and add Tad as a friend.
  • Send a message to us there saying "add to group"
  • Your name will be added to our group discussions. A great way to communicate with the entire staff at once.Bulletins are posted there often about quick things that come up during the course of the season.
  • Check out instructor resources and information about PSIA and AASI at
Instructor Ticket Policy

Instructors in good standing will be issued an Instructor Lift Ticket for any day that they wish to come to Lost Valley regardless to whether or not they may have lesson assignments. Some experienced instructors may earn the priviledge of having a Season Pass. This priviledge is granted under  the Director's approval. As part of this aggreement , it will be the instructor's responsibility to check in at the Ski and Snowboard School desk every hour to see if any lessons have been added to the day's itinerary for which their services as an instructor may be required. Failure of an instructor to make themselfes available if needed while skiing or snowboarding at Lost Valley, may result in loss of lift ticket priviledges.. 

Instuctors in good standing may also request a complimentary pass for a friend . This request must be placed with the Director 48 hrs before the desired date of ticket

Any instructor wishing to ski or snowboard during Holiday hours or on weekends, must be at Lost Valley by 9:45 am in order to receive an Instructor Lift Ticket , unless previous arrangements have been made. 

if you have not made prior arrangements and arrive after 9:45 on a weekend or holiday,  you will not be given a lift ticket and may purchase one at the ticket counter