Frequently Asked Questions

Lost Valley Adventure Park...Last Day is Sunday, Aug 21st

Lost Valley Adventure Park

Frequently Asked Questions


●       What are your daily hours of operation?

○       Thursday -Sunday 10am-5pm

●       What is the pricing structure?

○       General Admission  $15

○       Kiddie (under 38” ) $12

○       Kids 2 and under free with paying adult

●       How many attractions are on site for children to enjoy?

○       Attractions vary per day based on maintenance.

○       Currently we have 8 slides available.

○       Additional feature attractions coming in the near future.

●       How young is too young to enjoy the Adventure Park?

○       If your child can walk, they can slide.

●       Can adults participate in the water slides?

○       Yes. Up to 200lb weight limit

●       Is there a weight capacity to utilize the slides?

○       200lb max

●       If my child is one year old, can she ride on my lap?

○       Depends on slide… Kiddie slides yes, unless 200 lb weight limit is exceeded

●       How do you guarantee safety measures at the park?

○       Attractions cleaned and inspected daily

○       See Park Rules and Assumption of Risk Release


●       Do you have a filter on your water source?

○       Yes

●       Are the slides and water sanitized to avoid bacteria growth?

○       Slides are cleaned and emptied daily (and throughout the day)

○       Constantly flowing water

○       Filtered

○       No Chlorine

●       Do you offer Group Discounts?

○       Yes     

■        See Party Packages and Group Rates


●       Do you offer Season Passes?

○       We are working on a pricing structure for this

○        Currently we do have a “Buy 4 get One Free” punch card




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