February Break Lesson Programs

  • All  Weekday Lesson Programs include a Weekday Lift Ticket valid Open until Close during the day of each lesson! ‚Äč
  • All Morning Lesson Programs include a Morning Lift Ticket valid from Open until 1pm the day of each lesson!


February Break SnowCamp 

* Before Registering please click to  review the Ski and Snowboard Levels of Ability to ensure placement in the appropriate lesson group


Ages 7 and up..

4 Day Lesson Program, meeting 

Tues Feb 19 -Friday Feb 22

9:30-11:00 am

Includes 4 1.5 hr lessons plus independent skiing until 4pm = $225

Ski Rental $95
Snowboard Rental $95
Parent Tickets View More $110
Helmet $20




Mites (ages 4-6)

February Break Mighty Mites

Ages 4-6

Four Day Program.  $210


(Optional items chosen later in registration)

Ski Rental $95.00   
Parent Ticket  $110 valid from 9am-4pm
Helmet $20.00

Tues Feb 19 -Friday Feb 22